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Special Needs

San Jose Special Needs Patients - Pediatric Questionnaire - Ralph S. Zotovich, DDS

Our practice is devoted to providing a "dental home" for children with special needs, giving them a " dental home", to receive exceptional oral care in a safe and loving environment as possible. We strive to give your child the additional attention and specialized care that they may require. We look forward to meeting with you to create an excellent pediatric dental experience for your child.

We offer several treatment options of care which may include; multiple short visits, oral and inhalation conscious sedation, or I.V. sedation. Dr. Zotovich has a comprehensive education in behavior management, sedation and anesthesia techniques. He will select a technique based on the specific health needs for your child. He will share the benefits, limits and risks with you.

Please fill out our Special Needs Questionnaire, your responses will help to guide us towards a successful appointment for your child.