Early Orthodontics in San Jose

We provide early orthodontic procedures for children in the Silicon Valley area.

How it Works

What Are Early Orthodontics?

Early orthodontics, also known as interceptive orthodontics, is the practice of diagnosing and treating orthodontic issues in children at a young age. This proactive approach can help guide the growth and development of the teeth and jaws, preventing more serious orthodontic problems later in life.

What Types of Early Orthodontics Are Best for Kids?

There are several types of early orthodontic treatments available for children from Pediatric Dentistry of San Jose, including:
Palatal expanders: These devices widen the upper jaw to create more space for permanent teeth to erupt properly.
Space maintainers: These appliances hold space for permanent teeth that have not yet erupted, preventing crowding and misalignment.
Braces: In some cases, traditional braces may be recommended to correct bite issues and straighten teeth.

When Should a Child See an Orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have their first orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven. This allows us to identify any potential issues early and create a treatment plan to address them.

Benefits of Early Orthodontics

Prevents more serious orthodontic problems: Early orthodontic treatment can help prevent the need for more extensive and invasive treatments later in life.
Promotes proper oral health: Straight teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems.
Improves confidence: A straight, healthy smile can improve a child's self-esteem and confidence.
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Where to Find Early Orthodontics in San Jose and Silicon Valley

At Pediatric Dentistry of San Jose, we offer early orthodontics services to help children achieve healthy, straight smiles in San Jose and the surrounding areas. Our experienced orthodontists specialize in working with children and are dedicated to providing gentle and compassionate care to ensure a positive orthodontic experience for your child.
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