Pediatric Emergency Dentistry in San Jose

We offer emergency dentistry for kids in the Silicon Valley area to resolve urgent issues because we know that dental emergencies can strike at any time.

Silicon Valley Emergency Pediatric Dental Treatment

While proactive care and planning can deal with most dental issues, sometimes emergencies in children strike unexpectedly. When this happens, you need reliable dental care — and fast! Dr. Michelle Haghpanah and the team at Pediatric Dentistry of San Jose can help you with any kids’ dental emergencies, providing the necessary treatment to handle pain and protect your child’s teeth.
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What Is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are oral health issues that must be handled right away. There are several reasons why someone might need emergency dental services. Some of the most common are severe toothaches and broken teeth. Delaying treatment for these problems could result in more extensive damage and prolonged pain.

Pediatric Dentistry of San Jose can handle your child's dental emergency by offering some of the best local dental care. This includes treating infected teeth and placing fillings, extractions, and dental crowns.

When Do I Need Emergency Dental Services?

Pediatric dental emergencies can occur at any time; they might result from a fall or other sudden injury. These emergencies can be scary for the children and parents, especially if there is bleeding around their teeth or they have a tooth knocked out. Understanding common dental emergencies will help you know when to call for emergency care and when to visit an emergency room.

Common pediatric dental emergencies include the following:

An infected baby tooth
A fractured or broken tooth
A knocked-out tooth
Although a chipped tooth may cause your child some discomfort, it may not be considered to be a true dental emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dentistry

Should I Take My Child to the ER for a Toothache?

A broken jaw or severe bleeding from the mouth are reasons to take your child to the emergency room. However, discomfort from a toothache, extensive decay, or broken teeth is better treated in our dental office. We have a knowledgeable staff with experience treating emergencies like these. Our office also has special tools that an emergency room may not have.

Can the Emergency Room Help with Tooth Problems?

Most emergency rooms aren't equipped to provide dental care and emergency room doctors are not trained in dental medicine. An emergency room doctor can stabilize a patient, control bleeding, and provide antibiotics, but it is best to see a trained pediatric dentist for children’s dental emergencies.

Prevention Is the Best Tool

The best way to prevent a dental emergency is to visit your dentist for routine exams and use a mouthguard to prevent dental injury while playing sports.
How We Can Help

What Are the Types of Emergency Dentistry Treatments?

We all know that there are many traumatic events that can happen to kids’ teeth in the blink of an eye. Some of the following emergency dental issues can be addressed at Pediatric Dentistry of San Jose:

Toothaches: Children with toothaches can be a challenging circumstance. Whether it’s pain from their incoming adult teeth or from some ailment, you need to understand the cause. When in doubt, it’s always a good reason to call for an appointment to find out what’s wrong. Teeth don’t hurt for no reason, and finding that reason as soon as possible can ensure you get the most effective treatment.

If a serious toothache goes away, it can often be a sign that things have gotten worse, not better, as the nerve tissue may have died. Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Michelle Haghpanah and our expert dentistry team in Silicon Valley about any toothache or children’s dental emergency you might be concerned about.
Chipped Teeth: It’s not uncommon for kids to get a chipped tooth. These can typically be fully repaired if action is taken promptly. When an accident or other physical damage chips off a piece of your tooth, there are several options to restore the damaged piece, including tooth-colored composite filling material. If you have the broken-off piece, keep it, as there is a good chance it can be reapplied. For serious physical damage, a root canal or even a tooth extraction may be necessary.
Cavities: Dental cavities are often detected during regular checkups but can become painful and sensitive if not found early. If you experience sudden discomfort, scheduling a filling promptly can resolve the issue and alleviate the pain.
Extractions: In extreme cases, sometimes a tooth can become so damaged that extraction is the only viable option, whether through infection, decay, or physical damage. Dr. Michelle Haghpanah will ensure that every treatment option is considered and provide emergency extractions when needed.
If your child is experiencing a dental emergency or serious symptoms, please Call Pediatric Dentistry of San Jose immediately.
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