Early Orthodontics

Early Intervention Orthodontics in San Jose

When Dr. Zotovich has a patient that is showing early signs of tooth crowding, alignment issues, and conditions of the jaw that may prevent teeth from emerging properly, he will recommend early intervention. Early orthodontic treatment refers to procedures that can prevent a future problem from occurring by helping direct palate or jawbone growth and maintaining space for permanent teeth to emerge properly.

Dr. Zotovich provides anticipatory guidance and early orthodontic intervention in San Jose to help you navigate your child’s treatment options and maximizes any orthodontic treatments your child may require. Orthodontic devices are used starting at approximately seven years of age, while the palate and jawbones are still flexible. Typically, Dr. Zotovich uses removable appliances to gently widen the palate and allow new teeth more space to grow in straight.

Benefits of Receiving of Early Orthodontic Intervention

Early assessment is key and provides a time-sensitive opportunity for more effective treatment at the time and in the future. When treatment can be initiated early, your child may be spared a longer course of braces in their teens, and in severe cases may lessen the need for surgeries. In some patients, the need for traditional braces may be prevented altogether.

Some specific benefits of early orthodontic intervention include:

  • Creating enough room for emerging teeth
  • Encouraging facial symmetry by directing jaw growth
  • Reducing the need for tooth extraction
  • Decreasing treatment time with braces

Depending on severity, Dr. Zotovich may suggest one or a combination of appliances including palatal expander, tongue crib, space maintainer and possibly a short course of braces.

When is the Best Time to Have Your Child Evaluated?

By the age of 7, once the first adult molars erupt, our pediatric dentist can evaluate all aspects of your child’s bite and the relation of their teeth to one another. Some improper dental patterns are easy to spot and others can be seen by Dr. Zotovich through his attention to detail during exams, and the use of specialized imaging for a specific prognosis.

The goal of early orthodontic intervention is to direct the growth and development of your child’s teeth and jaw. While it may not eliminate the need for further treatment later on, it can correct existing conditions and reduce the extent of future, possibly invasive procedures. If you suspect your young child’s teeth may not be growing in properly or they have bite issues, having this early assessment can be very beneficial to your child’s smile.

If your child needs an early orthodontic evaluation in San Jose, call Dr. Zotovich today!