Special Needs

San Jose Special Needs Dentist - Ralph Zotovich, DDS Pediatric Dentistry

Our pediatric dental practice is devoted to providing a "dental home" for children in the San Jose area who have special needs, giving them a safe haven to receive exceptional oral care in a calm and relaxing environment. We strive to give your child the additional attention and specialized care they need and deserve.

Meeting Your Child’s Individual Needs

Dr. Ralph S. Zotovich tailors his treatment plans to address the individual needs of each of his diverse patients. Some of our young patients can tolerate shorter visits without sedation and some require sedation for every appointment, in which case we work to accomplish as much as possible to cut down on the number of visits they require.

Some of the common services our San Jose special needs dentist offers, include:

We offer advanced imaging and routine care that enhances the comfort our patients experience while providing superior results. Many of our special needs patients require some level of orthodontic care and we address issues early on to minimize the need for more extensive treatment later on.

Because many of our special needs patients do need sedation to have their dental work completed, we offer a choice of sedation levels from nitrous oxide and oral sedation to full I.V. anesthesia which is performed under the care of our specially trained and experienced anesthesiologist, Dr. Trisha Jen.

Compassionate and Understanding

Dr. Zotovich has a comprehensive education in behavior management and utilizes specific, effective techniques that work with a range of young patients. He designs your child’s treatment based on their specific health needs and thoroughly discusses the benefits, limits, and risks with you.

Every child deserves compassionate treatment and special needs children particularly need their dental experiences to be consistently positive. Before you bring your special needs child to any new general or family dentist, check to see if they have experience working with special needs children or those who have difficulty with compliance. You can save yourself and your child from a potentially traumatic dental visit that can set the tone for their future care.

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We look forward to meeting with you to create an excellent pediatric dental experience for your child.

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